Monday, June 04, 2007

Ugh....I feel sick

Here's how much of a lazy bastard I am:

Rather than construct a real lunch to take to work today, I took a sandwich bag, filled it with oreo cookies, grabbed another bag, filled it with crackers and left.

So here I am, just jacked out on coffee and oreo cookies. shaking a bit from the sugar, nervous and extremely aggressive from the coffee.

how nutritious!


yes, Karen did pack me a nice bowl of fruit, which I ate when I got here. but since eating the oreo's, I can't remember back to like 9 am.


Karen said...

What about the bowl of cut pineapple, canteloupe and raspberries I prepared for you this morning?

Sarah said...

It's always a hard-knock story until your wife tells it like it really was...

"We were practically dead, hadn't eaten in a week and thought we would never find our way out..."

really was...

"We walked 25 yards. We had a meal two hours ago, but we wanted to eat again, so we had seafood green curry delivered. While we could see the house from our picnic spot, we pretened we were in the woods..."