Friday, April 25, 2008

So I Have a New JOB!

Its awesome. So far its really great, people in general are cool, the work is fun, the location is outstanding, the money is great, and the amount of travel I'll have to do is minimal.

One thing thats a little shitty is that the guy who called me and asked me if I wanted this job is one of the most repugnant shitheaded losers on the planet. he's so bad, that he's the reason, or rather one of the reasons, I started this blog to begin with.

I worked with him once on a project in wyoming and he's seriously fucking crazy...and he hasn't changed at all, for some examples check this out.

When I interviewed here I was like "shit this job is awesome...but I might turn it down simply so I don't have to work with DK". In the end, I ended up taking the job with the hope that I wouldn't really have to work with him. and indeed, I think I can minimize the time I have to interact with him.

I think what I'll do is start a recurring blog post: Crazy shit DK has said to me today.

So there's that little black mark, but overall, the other people here are awesome, there's even a guy here who likes to ride motorcycles. Awesome.

Why does mass transit have to suck?

Who's planning mass transit routes?

Here's the thing: On most days I can walk as fast as the bus will take me to work. Let me repeat that: I can WALK as fast as the standard city bus route in Denver.

Granted I ride a neighborhood route, and a lot of the other routes are slightly faster, but not much.

It takes me about 35 minutes to walk home from work (thats uphill most of the way), and the bus...depending on the stops takes about 25-30 minutes. I would be willing to bet you that the RTD route 28B spends as much time sitting at the curb with its engine idling as it does actually moving.

There are at least 12 stops that my bus will make to get from my house to where I get off the bus. 12 stops in 2.3 miles. 12 FUCKING STOPS IN 2.3 MILES!!! That means on average, there is a fucking stop ever 1,000 feet or so. There are 3 stops between lowell blvd and federal, very close to where I live, I can literally walk from one to the next in probably less than a minute. There is no fucking need to have that many stops.

I get on the bus in the morning because I'm a lazy bastard, and by the time I need to get off, I'm LIVID trying to figure out who in their right mind would waste their life on a fucking bus like this. I don't even BOTHER trying to get on a bus in the afternoon, I can walk 2.3 miles.


Will someone please PLEASE redo the mass transit system in denver?

Oh and this morning on the bus, I saw 4 fucking North Face windbreakers. If you own one of these, you are an idiot. plain and simple. You are slightly stupider than the person sitting next to you.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Its been 2 months

Since I posted my takers yet.

Srsly people, the money is still out there...still waiting for your "proof"


So there's this new creationist movie out there that's been getting all the hype in the science blogs. Its called "expelled" and its this pathetic documentary that is starring Ben Stein...that guy who's entire career is punctuated by a 35 second role in Ferris Bueller's Day off.


I'm not linking to their actual website because FUCK the makers of expelled, including Ben Stein.

There's lots of great blogs/Science websites/Rational people that have blogged about how unbelievably stupid the movie is. if you want, you can google search the movie.

Also, Dr. PZ Myers...I have OBEYED.


I'm driving along sheridan blvd. tonight with the wife after a successful jaunt to the local Target.

there's some guy in a Silver Range rover next to me with his girlfriend.

She gives me the finger for some reason that I really don't understand, and the guy says "come on bitch"...

The light turns green, so I speed up to try and avoid them, they speed up too and get next to us shouting gangsterisms like "c'mon bitch, lets go, c'mon fucker, Bring it, etc..."

so I say to the wife, call the police, his license plate is from colorado and is: 959-PSD. she does.

the guy realizes what we're doing and then takes a hard left, and his girlfriend throws a bottle at our car which breaks and nearly hits me on the side of the head since my window was down.