Thursday, August 06, 2009

USB turntable? YES!

I was on the other day and they had one of those USB turntables that allows you to rip your records to mp3, so I fucking bought one.

so awesome.

so so so I type this I'm listening to Iceburn's first 7" - a clear record first sweet.

so fun.

The entire motivation for buying this comes not only from my overwhelming music snobbish record collection of shitty punk and hardcore music, but to get a single record on mp3 that I've had now for years.

the Fugazi - 3 songs 7".

and not just any 7", the 7" that I have. When I was in high school I borrowed this 7" to my friend who promptly never played it but put it on his dresser next to his window in his bedroom for a summer.

I assume that it was the sun, and not the overwhelming stench of teen-age dude room that warped this record slightly, leaving a whispy noise in the audio when it played.

the thing is, I think it added the perfect character to the song "Joe #1". the song starts with just an overwhelmingly spectacular bass riff and drumming, and then there are a few pauses in the song, where you can hear the whisp of the warped record.

I think it sounds awesome, and here it is, download it, add it, love it.

I love fugazi, I love this record, I love this goddamn turntable.


Sontavas said...

Gotta love woot..

Erik said...

the dude