Sunday, December 03, 2006

Bitch Session

My coworker here, Dave, is the other geologist that’s on this project. He’s the most fucking annoying dickhead I’ve ever worked with. Or maybe not I don’t know…it is tough to say right now.

We’re working 12 hour shifts, and staying at a little house that the company rented, so I have to see this guy for my entire waking time here. We share a truck to and from the job site, so the only way I can get away from my coworker is to go mapping…hiking around outside. Usually going hiking isn’t a problem, but its about -20 here and we have 30 mph winds. I can’t stay outside for the entire 12 hours. And I have to share the house with him.

So here’s Dave: he’s like 50. His wife just left him for a young guy about 3 years ago, so he’s divorced. He’s got 4 kids. He’s a fucking catholic, so you know already he’s a crazy fucking nutball.

Of course, he’s fucking bi-polar and has to tell me in brutal detail about the cocktail of drugs he’s taking. He tells me in brutal detail about how his teenage boys are also bi-polar, and they tried killing themselves. He tells me about his wife, and how she’s fucking young guys and not caring about her kids. He told me about how his wife beat him and he called the police and had to have his kids testify against their mother at the divorce. Its every goddamn day. Everyday he talks about it.

I get it. I fucking get it…your life sucks, you’re a stupid piece of shit, and you’re depressed.

He also sits around all fucking night after our shift watching these true-life crime profiles of crazy murders and shit. Your already depressed, why watch that shit?

To top it all off, he’s like this fucking racist, misogynist, shithead. Here’s a good example..he’s telling me about how he’s started dating again. He met this woman, and found out she had 2 kids from her previous husband, who happened to be black. So he says to me, “I really liked her, but what am I supposed to do? I can’t walk around with those kids…what am I, the guy mopping up after the nigger man?”

Everything is “nigger dick”, “Jew fucking assholes”, “lazy wetbacks”, “fat bitch women” , etc… or the best is when I do some hard work and he says "thats it, Joe, now you're working like a white man!"

I can take that for a little while, but part of me wants to just say “listen man, FUCK OFF already”. But I can’t, because I have to live with the dink for the next week.

So yesterday he went to Laramie for some supplies. Apparently there was some white-out blizzard between here and Laramie. So what does he do? He fucking gets all jacked out on like some starbucks double latte, then drives through it. When he got back, he was all freaked out, and fucking jacked on caffeine. So when we got back to the house, he’s like “aww, shit I’m having some anxiety episode” or some bullshit and starts popping lorzepam, ambien, every fucking sleeping/anti-anxiety pill he’s got because he can’t sleep and then watches tv until about 11 pm.

It’s a pretty small house, there’s no door on the bedroom I have, so that means I got to stay up until 12:00 am listening to him fucking walk around and watch TV and freaking out. The last 2 days I’ve slept with tissue shoved in my ears and the pillow wrapped around my head because he’s a fucking annoying prick.

That’s why I haven’t posted in the last two days: the first day he was freaking out, and last night I was so fucking tired.

fuckin' dave man...fuckin' dave.


Karen said...

I actually was feeling sad for Dave until you launched into his bigot/racist tirade. Sad. And as a sidenote, during winter it's almost always a whiteout between Laramie and 100 miles out.

Michael said...

You would sleep much better after dishing out a hearty ball punch. If that doesn't work you should raid his drug supply.