Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm Platinum!!!!!

THis week I'm stuck in the Thriving Metropolis of South Bend Indiana - Home of Notre Dame University.

its a suprisingly boring town. Apparently the only really cool place to go eat/drink is this place...I had the shepards pie. it was ok.

People in Indiana eat "Dinner" for lunch and "Supper" for dinner

And yeah, this trip marks a milestone for me: I'm now a marriot rewards PLATINUM member. Yep...Thats the highest echelon you can get with the Marriot Rewards system. I'm now an Ultimate preferred guest and get all sorts of perks that you plebeian losers don't get.

Here's some of the highlights of this real ultimate prestige:

-if I want a hotel room anywhere, I can get one. If the hotel is sold out, they make someone else leave.

-THe hotel staff, particularly the front desk people HAVE to learn my name and call me so when they see me. "Good evening, Mr. Gilbert, how's your day?" of course, I reserve the right to ignore them.

-I get free snacks and water and pop from the snack bars they have in the lobby. yeah, that shit that YOU have to pay for? I get it for free.

-I get a free gift box if I check into a my room will be a sweet basket of awesome shit that only ultimate royal platinum people get.

-I automatically get the best room available in the place. no additional charge. when I travel, I get the awesome supreme luxury room.

-I get to check out later: like 3 pm or something.

-there's several more ultimate prestige royalty benefits I get, but if I really listed all of them, you'd probably get jealous.

So there you have it. thats a little taste of royalty...maybe if the rest of you try a little harder you could one day reach Platinum status at marriot. Probably not, but never give up on your dreams.

South Bend, Indiana - home of the College Football hall of fame, and occasionally visited by Royalty.


MOM said...

Wowie!! What's left to aspire to now that you have reached the platinum pinnacle? All I can say is "good day Mr. Gilbert."

Sarah said...

All my life i haven't tried that hard.
Had i known the benefits i could have been entitled too...
I am starting to try,

Karen said...

The Ritz! Here we come!

F.B. Face said...

hell yeah!

South Bend, Indiana!

makes me want to watch TV and go to bed.

Collin said...

Welcome to the world of Platinum!! You forgot to mention the awsome Platinum membership card that they give you. I would like to see somebody tell you that you cant have beer in the pool now. In fact I think if they know that you are coming they will have the pool drained and filled with beer in your honor.