Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Stupid Environmental people.

So I had an office lunch know the type, where they hire a new person, and then they take the office out to lunch to introduce you to the new hire.

So we're at our alcohol-free lunch at the Wynkoop, and this woman that works here, she says to the waitress "Yeah, I'd like the Gumbo, and a small side dish to throw the sausage into because I'm not gonna eat it"

Turns out she's vegetarian. Thats cool. I can appreciate that, some people are.

So someone, yeah, that guy asks "So, how come your a vegetarian? do you just hate meat or something?"

To which she replies something like "No, but have you ever seen the amount of energy it takes to grow beef? they have to grow grains, then house and tend the cows, and then the processing, its just a waste of energy"

I choked on my fish and chips.

here's the thing:

1. In all likelihood the sausage is probably pork. who fucking eats beef sausage in a gumbo?

2. She's gonna be eating some of the sausage, because if its any kind of good gumbo, alot of the fat from the sausage will be in the broth.

3. MOST importantly: She already fucking ordered it with meat in it. I mean as a person eating at a restaurant she's the end-user of the meat. she consumed it. she doesn't have to eat it, but as far as the chain-of-wasted-energy is concerned, from the birth of the calf/pig all the way to paying someone to cook and deliver it to her, its already used the maximum amount of energy.

Plus, the fact that she ordered and consumed it will help to ensure that the restaurant orders MORE sausage.

what the FUCK?

I seriously want to punch people like this. they come around from time-to-time with their bullshit half-baked environmentalism, their fucking "I drive a subarau" attitude, their "yeah, I'd love to work for a Non-profit" bullshit.

I eat meat, and I'd be willing to bet that if we really took an energy audit between us, I'd use less energy.


Sarah said...

Your kidding, right?
This has got to be a joke.
What veg orders food with meat in it? Wow.
Seriously, what is the point of not eating meat then.
Yeah, i'm a veg because i don't agree with the way it's produced, but i am going to THROW IT AWAY??
That has to be the most insane, ultimate form of consumerism i have EVER heard of!

BTW, when i come out, i want you to roast a whole pig for me. Then, i want to eat the apple from it's mouth and throw the pig away. Because, like, i don't think it's right to eat pigs.

F.B. Face said...

damn, i have a degree in mathematics and i'm smarter than that!