Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Pet Peeve #4562340

One of my biggest pet peeves is people underestimating me. its HUGE. My wife says I'm far to sensitive to this, maybe so. but I can't fucking STAND IT when people treat me like I just got out of school, or that I don't know anything.

A lot of times at my work, I think people act suprised that I know things.

Here are a few examples:

1. Today, a guy asked me if I knew what a flow-meter was, and if I knew how to take measurements with it (a flowmeter is just a way to measure stream-flow). Measuring stream-flow is a basic - its one of the first things you learn in your geology classes. I've taken these measurements probably 100 times as a professional, and I used to teach the method to college students.

2. The first time someone asked me a real geology question, I gave them the answer, (it was about relay-ramp deformation in tertiary sediments in the great basin) and then at an office-wide morning meeting my boss said to everyone "hey everyone, Joe actually knows how to do geology!" That made me just fucking LIVID.

3. I had a guy ask me if I knew how to log well core, AFTER I had already done it on one of his projects.

I could go on and on.

I think what the bottom line is, is that I've been at this job for about 2 years and I think a lot of people still have know idea what my skill-set is. Most people think of me as "the guy you bring your GIS figures to when Sara or Andrew (other GIS people) aren't around".

I'm a good Geologist! I'm a decent Consulting Geologist! I'm actually 10 times better at geology than GIS. I could be even better if you just challenged me!

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jay said...

You are a bigger Geologist nerd than Jim and I always thought Jim was a fucking geek for always talking about rocks. Those people are clueless. If it will make you feel better start reviewing their work and be passive agressive about the shit they messed up. That'll teach em to fuck with you.