Thursday, February 01, 2007

What is Hardcore?!

The Bridge9 Records Messageboard had a thread yesterday that was something like "Post a picture that represents what hardcore IS". it was suprisingly great considering that the messageboard is overrun by hoards of new-schoolers and people that have previously threatened to kill me if I ever go to Boston (Ironically, it was because I told them their crew was too violent - its a long story for another day).

Anyhow. I saved a few of the pictures that I thought were great:

Awesome picture of Felix Von Havoc of Havoc records, rocking out in his band Code13. He used to be in a bunch of other bands, too I think. Havoc has been a staple of the Minneapolis hardcore scene for as long as I can remember. His dog (whose name was attila)tried to maul me at the old Extreme Noise record store in Minneapolis when I was in high school (Its still easily the premier hardcore/punk record store in the NATION). Felix just said "he doesn't like you". now thats hardcore.

Old mid-1980's picture of Bad Brains. Bad Brains is a fucking LEGENDARY DC band, if you don't know them, then you don't know anything. They were the first true hardcore band I ever saw in concert, they played with 7 Seconds. the Pay to Cum 7" record sells in the thousands of dollars on ebay. They are easily one of the top 5 hardcore bands of all time. their influence is just as widespread as the misfits or the ramones.

The high-five-stage-dive. fucking PERFECT. I mentioned in a previous post that people who jump from the floor speakers are's the proof. This is what its all about.

Ian Mackaye on the right singing with Minor Threat. On the right is a young Henry Rollins, now more famously known for his fashion advice on VH1. Minor Threat is another fucking LEGENDARY band, and the influence of the DC scene in the early-to-mid 1980's is still apparent even in new bands today. You could write whole books about this, and I think people actually have.

And Finally...Earth Crisis Face tattoo man. HOLY SHIT! he got "earth crisis" tattooed on his FACE! Earth Crisis is the name of a Hardcore band from Syracuse, New York. They were really important to hardcore in the mid-1990's and really helped to usher in the whole Vegan Straight hate edge trend that still pervades alot of the scene. Great band for sure, but get their name tattooed on your fucking FACE? I don't know.

Apparently someone on the B9 board met him, and posted some better picks...this guy lives in Europe somewhere and apparently he just really really really likes hardcore. I guess he's a pretty nice guy.


Thats Hardcore.

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