Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Here's an interesting article about some crazy bastards running across the Sahara desert.

I started running a few years ago, running quite a bit actually, but no where near the level these guys are at.

Despite my modest running schedule, when I am running, I often fantisize about running the badwater ultramarathon . I'm pretty sure if you finish that race you earn the official title of "badass".

I actually heard an episode of "this american life" on the badwater ultra marathon...its the toughest fucking race in the world, in addition to 135 continuous miles, it starts in death valley and has a cumulative ascent of 13,000 ft. According to the radio show, people who run it often start to hallucinate, and are completely mentally drained by the end (in addition to being completely physically exhausted).

Maybe that will be my goal, the race at badwater...of course, I have alot of running to do before that.

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