Friday, February 23, 2007

Podcast Podcast Podcast

ok faithful readers who have Ipods....let me ask you this. Do you ever listen to podcasts?

I read an article on once that said that 90% or so of ipod owners don't listen to podcasts.

Suprisingly, I actually do. most of the time its for the bus ride to/from work. Occassionally I try out new ones, ones that end up being shit, but on the whole, I really like podcasts.

here's what I regularly check out:

Escape Pod
Have games, will travel
science friday
Issue oriented

I don't faithfully download every episode, but I download or 2 about every week or so. hooray!


Sarah said...

!Ola, welcome to Coffee Break Spanish!

MOM said...

I listen faithfully to "This American Life" and "The American Experience".

While browsing I always find a few more, and enjoy all.