Sunday, November 26, 2006

11/25/06 - First full drilling day

I arrived for my second 14 day duration here on 11/24/06. and I’m a total moron. TOTAL moron. I forgot to pack underwear. I have 2 pairs of long underwear, but no skivvies…nothing. You may be wondering, “how the hell do you forget your underwear?” In my defense, the dog was running around the house, and I was trying to do 3 other things while trying to pack. Still…its not the first time I’ve forgotten something like this. I was on a field job in North Dakota and forgot to pack any pants.

So, Imagine my awkward conversation today. “umm, Dave…I forgot to pack underwear, could you go and buy me some?” Bare in mind, that I just met Dave about 6 hours ago.

He was making a run to Laramie, and was happy enough to buy me some. Though I did have to endure the conversation that started “yeah Joe, I buy my kids underwear all the time, do you want the woven, or knit? I suppose you wear small, right?”

Hopefully the rest of my time out here won’t be so bad.

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Karen said...

I can't believe you forgot your undies. That rules.