Sunday, November 26, 2006

11/26/06 - Wyoming...what?!

Today is sunny/clear, wind picked up around noon approx 30 mph.

We’ve got two rigs out here, I’m working with 2 crews, one crew headed by a driller named Cory, the other by Justin.

These drill rigs are run by 3 people: a driller and 2 deck hands. For the project there is a guy who is called the “tool pusher” or the rig superintendent. He’s like the driller’s boss…more about this guy later (trust me, this guy is great).

I took a few pictures of the site this morning as the sun was coming up. But, like my fucking underwear, I forgot to Bring the cord to download the pictures.

05:30 - In the mornings we give each drill crew a health and safety meeting; we just remind them to wear safety glasses, don’t slip or fall, watch out for your co-workers, etc… Its also a good chance to introduce ourselves to the drillers. Introductions are important, I guess.

At this morning’s briefing, Cory’s crew told me about this other tool-pusher out here. Most of the crew is staying in a small shitty hotel in Medicine Bow, but this tool pusher (named Tony) was driving back to Denver after each shift. That’s a 3 hour drive one way…a crazy commute considering we’re working 12 hours a day.

I said “why is he doing that?!” Cory told me that Tony is shacking up with a crack-whore (his words), and that at night, this woman was selling Tony’s things at pawn shops around town to buy drugs with, so he was driving back to make sure she wasn’t selling his TV, microwave, etc…

I asked Cory “why doesn’t he kick her out?” He replied “dunno”.

11:00 -At about 11 am today, I went down to get samples and talk to Justin. When I got to the doghouse, Justin was putting together a pellet gun. I said “what are you going to do with that?”

He replied “Boring here…gonna shoot some rabbits…”

Later, at about 4 pm, the other geologist here, Dave, came back and said “I guess they shot a few rabbits down there, but the deck hand said the rabbits have some disease, so they aren’t gonna eat them”.

Funny thing is, they aren’t the first crew to suggest that they were gonna kill and eat the rabbits out here. Drillers must really like rabbits.

Also, nothing says work-safety like shooting a pellet gun out of the window of the doghouse.

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