Sunday, November 26, 2006

11/27/06 - Just Another Day in Wyoming

Today was partly cloudy, colder about 40 degrees, not much wind.

06:00 – Actual conversation to with Cory this morning:

Me: “Are you gonna trip out* and switch this morning”

Cory: “Shit, fucking button bit down will fucking tear right through that cock-sucking sand, fucking not getting anything drilled now, fuckin’ button bit”

Me: “slower than shit…”

Cory: “fuck yeah, I asked Pedro (the night crew driller) Why he fucking didn’t fucking trip that fuckin’ hole, shit drilling 30 minutes per fucking foot”

Me: “fuck”

Cory: “yeah, we’re fucking trippin’”

*Tripping out: when they need to change the drill bits on the end of the drill stem, they have to pull out the entire drill stem. On this rig, it’s at about 1,650 feet deep, so it takes about 6-7 hours to do it. Typically, drillers hate tripping out because its hard work (each piece of drill pipe weighs about 5,000 lbs). They also get heat from the tool pusher for wasting time pulling the drill stem out and not making the hole deeper.

12:00 – There’s a new driller on one of the rigs, a real n00b. There’s a hierarchy in drilling: n00bs always have a yellow hardhat, and only after something like 1 year do they get to wear a white hardhat. So this guy has a brand new yellow hardhat, his name is Mike and Cory is kinda pissed because they are trippin’ out today. Trippin’ out with a n00b is “fuckin’ bullshit, man.”

The reason for the new crew member? Cody, who is 20 years old, just got his 4th DUI and can’t drive a car anymore.

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Karen said...

No wonder you love going to WYO to work on this project so much.