Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mexican Illegals + cold weather = another post on this website

Coffee is the best. I even like Folgers…that’s what we have out here. Its fucking 5:30 am. Despite the fact that it was 12 hours, it feels like I was just here 20 minutes ago.

When I first started this in October, the head geologist said “its like that movie groundhog day…every day you wake up it’s the same shit. The sooner you get into that rut, the faster the time goes”.

So I was talking with Jasper today, both he and Gorge came to America as illegal immigrants from Mexico. I asked him how he got over the border, and he told me that he hopped onto a train. He thought it would have stopped in about a day, but it went on for 4 days before stopping. He crawled up near the engine and hid under some railing to stay warm. It stopped in California. When he got out, he didn’t know anyone or where to go.

Gorge used to hop back and forth across the border all the time before he finally made it to stay. He’d come over, they’d catch him, and the next week he’d be running back across the border.

That’s gotta be a tough way to make it in the world.

A cold front came over today, dropped about 2 inches of snow and the temperature fell to about 15 degrees. Combined with that nice Wyoming wind, the wind chill is in the -10’s right now.

Despite the weather, I walked all over the place outside mapping the geology. now my lips are all chapped and my face is all windburn. Still, I’d take a day of mapping in the cold over sitting in cubicle-land listening to my coworkers talk on the phone about how they have too many bills to pay.


Karen said...

Wyoming is wearing you down. Folgers? Also, you need a balaclava and more DVDs to watch on your laptop. Did I mention I was born in Casper and spent four school years in Laramie? I KNOW shitsville Wyoming -- you need diversions.

Michael said...

Listen to your lady Joe. She wouldn't make you eat food from a locker, well unless you did something to deserve it.