Friday, December 22, 2006

Jackson, we come.

We leave for Jackson (where my wife is from) tomorrow morning. which means I won't be updating the old blog here for a few days I think. I know that my readers are already legion, and I'll soon unleash my fight-club-like master plan soon...

Anyhow, as I sit here and watch Dune on dvd, I thought I'd post a few links I saw today.

Giant Squid!
- Some Japanese researchers caught and almost brought a live giant squid to the surface. lots of great pics of this thing on the internet, in fact, you probably know about this shit already.

Liquid Coal Making a comeback? - An mildly interesting article about liquid coal...kinda relates back to a post I made a few days ago.

My LastFM playlist! - Last FM is a site that records what you've been listening to. You can see that not only am I still listening to alot of hardcore and metal music, but also I'm listening to alot of the exact same shit I was listening to 10 years ago...have I stagnated? maybe. I think I'm kinda caught between really liking hard music, and also coming to grips with how fucking ridiculous it is. New bands are tough to get into. Maybe I need to just start listing to the dave matthews band and enjoy riding the shitslide into middle age.

Cute overload - one of Karen's favorite sites. Kinda scenester, but its also hard not to check it every day.

Pharyngula - its a science blog that I read almost every day at lunch. its run by a science professor at morris MN. Very liberal, very sciency, very athiest, and very uncompromising. its the kinda blog I wish I could maintain if I had talent, education, intelligence, timing, and wit.

well thats about it for now. the harkonnens have just destroyed the atredies base on arakis...I better pay attention, because in a little while paul will change his name, make out with sean young, and then yell "Long Live the Fighters!".

good times.

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Karen said...

Pharyngula sounds a lot more "scene" than Cute Overload.