Monday, December 11, 2006

Die Yuppie Scum!

I still goto a lot of hardcore shows. I usually go by myself because none of my friends like hardcore. That’s a fact that’s always kinda bothered me. For something that I enjoy so well, I don’t have any real friends that are into the same thing.

I do know some people. Whenever I goto shows here in Denver, there’s about 6 or 7 people that I regularly talk to/know. One of them is about 5 years younger than me, and the other day at a show we were talking about shit money or something, and he said “you’re a yuppie, what’s that like?”

At first I was like, “what? I’m not a yuppie…a yuppie is that asshole in the park, with his SUV, black lab dog, and technical jacket.” I’m punk-rock, I’m hardcore, I’m underground, I’m in a scene…

But I’ve been thinking about that for a bit. I’ve always considered myself to have somewhat of a social conscience, certainly not nearly the same level as my good friends. Maybe I am a yuppie. But then is being a yuppie a consequence of growing up a bit and getting a job that pays more than $7.50 per hour? Who knows.

Here's things that are yuppie:

1. Subaru car - preferably one of the outback legacy series

2. REI or other brand technical gear..wearing this shit around when your not on mount everest

3. talking excessively about outdoor sports: here's a clue, EVERYONE in colorado skis and goes camping, your not special, and no, no one fucking cares about how many races you are in.

4. wearing carhartt clothing of any type if you have a white collar job...especially if you wear this clothing with technical gear.

5. working for a non-profit. Non-profits that I've worked with are a fucking sham, merely a tax-shelter for the rich. Her: "I work for the watershed counsel! its a non-profit, we're overseeing the clean-up of this site." Me:"No you don't, its an EPA superfund, the federal government is cleaning it up, your just a public liason that does nothing."

6. graduating from a non-public college, especially graduating from a religious school, and then somehow acting like WHERE you went to school is important.

7. Drinking starbucks.

8. wearing shorts/tshirts that cost more than $3.50 to go exercising with.

9. Being an engineer. (don't get me wrong, I have alot of engineer friends, but the majority of yuppies are engineers).

Now here's the thing, what's wrong with being a yuppie? nothing I guess. I mean really, there are all kinds of people in the world, who gives a shit if you like the Dave matthews band or not. I'm not sure why I took particular offense to that. I always just thought of myself as being too punk rock to be a yuppie.


Karen Ward said...

Fretting about yuppies is like, so 1984. And you're more of a DINK anyway.

jay said...

Joe you are such a yuppie