Monday, December 04, 2006

Not much to

Both rigs are back up and drilling. This morning the moon was going down in the west just as the sun was coming up in the east. Even though this part of Wyoming is pretty boring and the views aren’t all that interesting, it still has these fleeting moments when its pretty cool. Sunrises can be really nice, and if the moon is out, the whole place has this muted grey glow about it that only disappears once the sun comes over the horizon.

I swear, this blog would be sweet if I remembered to bring my fucking camera chord.

That said, what is it about this Wyoming wind? Its crazy. Its 15-25 mph every day sustained. I’m sitting in a small field trailer that rocks back and forth like a boat in the ocean. Hiking around is really hard because the wind carries all this grit and dirt and shit that gets into your ears, your eyes, nose, mouth, ass, etc… its nuts. And its almost neverending. There’s an American flag on top of the rig derrick out here that was new at the start of this project. Now, its been whipped by the wind so much that all that’s left of it is the blue and the stars and the red and white strips beneath the stars.

Its Monday, which mean’s we’ve only got 4 full days of work left, and I’m starting to get really excited to get home. Nothing makes you appreciate your own bed more than spending 2 weeks in dirty ass Wyoming.

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Michael said...

I want to hear more about Dave. What was the lamest thing he did today?