Friday, December 22, 2006

Records and music

I've been collecting hardcore records since high school.

only not really. I listen to alot of hardcore music. and in high school most of the music came out on records. not all, but alot of it did.

so I'd buy that shit, mainly from Oarfolkjokeopus records on lyndale street in Minneapolis (now called Treehouse records). or from Mailorder only mail catalogs from Victory records or Very distro.

about 5 years ago I realized alot people pay alot of money for records. Hard to believe that shit that I bought from record stores, or bought from labels back then is worth alot of money.

Like look at this auction on ebay:

Chain of Strength - What holds us apart

Some of my closer friends might recognize that record and tshirt that I had in high school...I think my very straightedge friend erik eventually wore/kept that shirt.

I bought this very same record from Oarfolk in high its selling on ebay for no less than $40.00. I have alot of records like that. not nearly as much as some of the record nerds that are out in the world, but I have quite a few.

I've been trying to collect records that I really like, records that I liked back in high school and college, and new shit that's just really cool.

Its hard to believe that an old Judge LP I bought from Chris Jensen, a high school friend, now sells on ebay for well over $200. (A Judge LP called "chung king can suck it" often sells on ebay for more than $1200...yeah, ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS!)

I'm gonna start a new semi-regular post to this blog: records I have/want and why.

This chain of strength 7" is the first. A great hardcore band, and a great record. glad I bought it for $1.99 in high school.

(also, the kid running the auction is a retard, it doesn't match those other COS records, in fact this is one of the more common pressings of the 7")

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