Sunday, December 10, 2006

Site Updates!

I updated a few of the snappy things on this blog this morning. I still don't have it all the way I want.

I thought you should all marvel at the great job I did, since in about a month I'll get busy with life again, lose interest, and slowly let this site sink to the abyss of the archived internet.

right now though, I feel pretty good about it. I'm planning on posting what ever the fuck comes into mind, no real good forethought, no sense of character, nor any consideration of who might come across and read this site. I think I might also swear a bunch in here. because when I think to myself, I swear a lot.

I already had one person ask me what cataclasis was. cataclasis is a process that destroys rocks in fault zones. If you grind up rocks in a fault during and earthquake you have cataclasis, and you end up with a rock called cataclasite.

I thought it was a really clever and vaguely metaphorical reference to life...or a petty attempt for someone as shallow as myself to come up with some such statement to compete with far better bloggers and writers. Here's a picture of cataclasite:

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