Sunday, December 17, 2006

Taking the weekend off: Random Random Picture

So I'm not gonna waste anytime adding to this site this weekend (shit its already sunday and I don't want to sit here at the computer that long).

Next week will be a pretty light week on here too as I am going to Crested Butte Colorado for some field work. I will be watching to east-coast lightweights install a solar-powered water monitoring station at a mine site at about 11,900 feet.

if your thinking "how the fuck are they gonna get into the mountains at this time of year"...We're renting Snowmobiles. Sometimes my job is really awesome..."yeah man, I gotta go snowmobiling all next week...what's that?...oh, no its for work."

So I'll leave you with this picture:

Its the back side of Floyd Collins' old house near Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. I had a chance to see Floyd's personal cave that he carved out, and see close to where he died, and see where they first laid his coffin. kinda creepy...really creepy.

The story of Floyd Collins is pretty wierd, worth a read. I was looking at old pictures on the computer this morning and saw this one and was like "damn, old Floyd Collins' house."

I went there on a field trip with Mississippi State University about 3 years ago.

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