Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Back At Work!!!

After a long holiday break, I'm back to cubicle hell in the office. I don't have any immediate travel plans yet, but looks like another trip to Crested Butte Might happen sometime soon (see below).

I had a decent holiday, I got everything I wanted for christmas, and then some.

Its really hard to get back into the routine of office work after about 1 month of field work followed by 1.5 weeks of vacation/holiday.

Some interesting things that have happened in the time I've been gone:

-My friend Jay had surgery for a collapsed lung. I know he's doing better now, but its gonna be a slow recovery for him.

-My friend Lee and his girlfriend Tracy are pregnant! congrats to them. (I heard this from my friend erik).

-We started framing in a new room in our house. so far I've put up 2 floating walls, framed in a window, and smashed my right index finger with a hammer. Luckily I haven't cut my fucking arm off with the circular saw yet (knock on wood). I hope to have some pictures of that soon. Its harder than I thought, and I'm sure that a professional carpenter would laugh at my framing job, but what do I care?

-I managed to secure a copy of Isis's new LP on robotic empire records. A great band, and their new LP sold out on the website in about 1 hour yesterday. hooray for new records!

-I bought 1 share of haliburton stock on my etrade account. How damn hypocritical is that? Not sure what I was thinking. Actually I know exactly what I was thinking: I had about $31.00 left over from a stock sale/purchase I did a few weeks ago and also saw that haliburton stock was about the same price. so I just bought 1 share. Next up, a $500 per-plate dinner with Dick Cheney and George Bush. I am the white devil.

thats about it for now I guess.

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