Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Crested Butte, Part 2.

I finally got some cool pictures of my trip to Crested Butte. We installed a remote datalogger to a stream flume. believe it or not the creek where we installed these was still flowing, and this instrument will take stream measurements every 15 minutes for the next 3 years.

Here's me and my coworker Jerry installing the instrument box (yes, the snow where the post was installed was about 5 feet deep!!! (it took 2 hours just to dig out enough room to work).

Here's a picture of the valley. it was a beautiful day we had to install this shit, a light snow over everything (note Jerry in the instrument trench, Jerry is about 5'11" and the snow is up near the top of his head)

A Picture of the snow-cat we rented. the snow where its digging out is more than 5 feet deep. it was pretty cool to get to ride in this thing. I was going up 40% slopes before it got stuck. It felt like the first hill on a roller coaster, that clink, clink of the treads and the steep incline.

Here's us walking UP the mountainside after the snow-cat got stuck in about 8 feet of freshly drifted snow. Ultimately we couldn't get to the other site to install the other monitor (we're actually considering using a Heli-skiing helicopter company to air-drop us into the next site sometime this month!)

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