Monday, January 15, 2007

Isis 2xLP~!

SO I've previously blogged about how ridiculously priced some records can go for. I also mentioned that I managed to Pick up a copy of Isis's new LP "In absence of truth" on violet colored vinyl the other day. (Listen to some Isis Here)

Today, the preorder copy of this album (the same version that I picked up) sold on ebay for $80.00.

1. Buy the preorder album online.
2. Receive album.
3. Put Album on Ebay
4. Sell album for 4 times the cost you bought it for
5. Profit.

Just to highlight how goddamn stupid some people are, there are still a few copies of the white vinyl version of this album available for sale on the robotic empire website...right now there is a copy for sale on ebay that is $15 more than robotic empire is selling it for.


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