Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My underwear is ridin' up.

I never tuck my shirts in at work, for the simple fact that it makes your underwear ride up. I can't handle that.

so I went out to the mall the other day, picked up some new shirts, and now I have my shirt tucked in here at work. I'm uncomfortable, I'm going to the bathroom every hour to adjust...its retarded.

Formerly, I supported my un-tucked lifestyle by replying with 1 of 2 excuses:

1. I'm a geologist. All good geologists should look kinda like edward abbey: beard, long scraggy hair, old button down shirt, old faded jeans and boots, big belt buckle with some amorphous chunk of turquoise on it, etc...


2. "Do you fucking know how much it costs to look this disheveled?"


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