Monday, January 08, 2007

Interview update

So I had my job interview, it actually went pretty well. the job sounds pretty cool, and well, if this next interview goes well, I might actually take it, despite the commute.

It would be doing some interesting stuff, mainly infrastructure. Which would mean that I would be working on the other side of the coin. Right now I keep hold of this ridiculous notion that by somehow working for the EPA I'm doing a service to the world around me.

At this new job, i might be helping new mines to open, new roads to be built...which would be in direct opposition to the Earth Crisis song "Destroy the Machines":

Every biome on every continent in under man's attack.
With everything to lose we've drawn the
line to hold them back. New bridges,
roads and dams pave the way to develop what wilderness remains.
All must be prevented or
detroyed for the wild lands to sustain.

If I'm as Hardcore as I tell everyone I am, then I don't know...I might be selling out. Of Course, the other night I was wearing my Vegan Reich t-shirt while cooking a pork dinner and sipping I guess I was a sellout long ago.

I think the job will be a good Idea. I'm sure I'll reflect on it at least 20,000 more times between now and the time of the second interview.

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