Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pay Attention to me!!!!

So I saw this article online today. It hurt a bit, since I'm blogging, but then I thought she's absolutely right.

1. Why wouldn't you think people want attention? everyone wants to be considered at some point. People love talking about themselves, fuckin' a, I know I do.

2. isn't it better that people write about the banal events of their life on a website no one reads than to inflict their friends and family with these trivial stories? I have coworkers that will volunteer the most boring shit on a daily basis (a crime I'm certainly guilty of myself), why not spare everyone and put it all down in a format that hurts the least amount of people?

3. There was a guy who posted about this article on another site: he said he liked to tinker with the technology. completely valid. why not teach yourself some new computer skills, or at least experiment with technologies that you would otherwise remain ignorant of?

4. Rebecca (the author) is just as guilty as the rest of us. I mean, why write an article like this if you weren't looking for people to read it? and you know, this article has spawned thousands of shitty rebuttals on thousands of pointless and boring blogs all across the internet.

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