Monday, January 15, 2007

Cold Nights In Colorado...

its cold here, supposed to get down into the -10's tonight, and our new furnace is churning.

In Mississippi, there isn't much to do. its kinda like living in a minimum security prison..there are no fences, but walk about a half mile away from your house, and there's nothing but unending cotton fields and sweltering, mosquito infested, swampy forests.

I did ALOT of exercising in Misissippi. By the last summer we lived there, I running 28 miles per week on average, lifting weights, and mountain biking regularly. I LOVED mountain biking in mississippi. Mississippi has a TON of MTB trails, and little to no traffic on them. when riding, I don't think I EVER saw anyone else on a trail that wasn't in our group. thats a pretty sharp contrast to colorado, where you get run over by at least 35 douchebags every time you step foot outside.

Anyhow, here's a video clip that I uploaded to youtube. one day I tried to tape our video camera to my mountain bike, just like in the super-cool videos you see pros do.

Sometimes riding while filming can be painful.


jay said...

The next time you do something like that, please have the camera showing your face so when you wreck we can all see the expression on your face.

Karen said...

That's awesome. I forgot about that video.