Monday, January 08, 2007

I'm terrible at Framing

Why is it so difficult for a kid like me to drive a 31/8 inch 16D framing nail into some studs?

I'm no good at this stuff. Luckily I think the sheet rock we plan to put on will hide my most egregious carpentry sins. Some of the problems I'm gonna blame on the basement. It has hand-poured portions to it, and the walls are not straight exactly, so nailing together a frame and then nailing it to the floor joists isn't exactly straightforward. Because of the basement factor, I had to install floating walls, which are a little more of a challenge: to adjust for floor movements, you have to hang the frames from the ceiling, and then tack them to the floor with 8" 60D galvanized spikes. Its code out here in Denver.

Some of the problems are my own...Its a first attempt.

I'm trying to remember when my dad framed my parents basement, he had to do some similar things...but then again, I have neither the eye, nor the natural talent for this shit that my dad has.

Below I give you my first attempt: a small room in our basement, complete with floating walls.

Next up, electrical and insulation followed by sheet rock.

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Mom said...

For a first effort those walls look good, damned good and remember a level is not just an adjective and verb.

And where's my little monkey wrencher? Perhaps you can help prevent some major ecological diaster, maybe your destiny it is, young joewalker . Whatever you decide, you'll be great.